Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I’m Aastha. My name sounds very religious (inside my head) but that doesn’t stop me from introducing myself. *HA! OBVIOUSLY!* I enjoy occasional writing as it’s a great stress buster. After a long thought, I decided to have my space where I’ll just write.


So, here I am with A Runaway Girl.  This space will have content centered on- Lifestyle, cinema, travel, art and food . I hope you enjoy reading. Thanks! 

If you too have a powerful urge of writing something and need a platform to share. Here you go. Send me your work and I’ll share it on A Runaway Girl.

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About  A Runaway Girl

 A Runaway Girl is a site dedicated to everything about cinema, food, travel, lifestyle, and personal memoirs. Join the mailing list this instant to get on board on this magical journey.

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