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Finding the door and key to acceptance

I will turn 22 yr old the coming month and I haven’t still figured out the key to acceptance. What is it? How does it feel to accept yourself the way you are? Well, for starters, I’m always hard on myself. Even when I’m watching a show or a movie, there’s a constant fear ringing in my head, “what am I doing? People are out there working their asses off. Shit, mom is coming and she’ll scold me for wasting my time”. With all these troubling thoughts, I continue to watch films and shows. *Guilty watching but watching*

“Never look at yourself from the other’s point of view as it only brings an uncertain feeling of being the best in that person’s eyes.”

I no longer want to ‘try’ accepting myself. I want to say, I have come in terms with however I am, whoever I am. It’s the way I am and no one can change that or take it away. I look at those social media stories where people are storming the platform with how perfect and happy their lives are. But lately I realized how dumb it is for me to compare my life with what I am watching on social media.

It’s the way they have chosen to live their life while for me I shouldn’t bother and dwell on the comparison. Therefore, I make myself come to terms with reality by going on a social media detox from time to time. Personally, you guys, it feels great being away from social media. But being back on it isn’t bad either. It’s all on us, on our controlling power. How much does social media affect you? If you know the answer you know what you have to do....

Each person is unique and talented in their own way. Appreciate yourself every day, be thankful for the little things you have, work on your talent each day as it’s only then you’ll be able to live freely. I have had my share of living an insecure life, with being jealous of the stupidest things, comparing myself and trust me it doesn’t bring you any good. I feel you know yourself the best. Never look at yourself from the other’s point of view as it only brings an uncertain feeling of being the best in that person’s eyes.

Just be yourself, even if it’s bad, at least you know it’s you. The important thing is to know the bad in you and accept that you need to change that bad if it’s bringing no good to your life. I know the bad in me and try to lower that quotient little by little each day.

Life is precious. I want to live every moment, feel it and save it in my memory as you don’t get to relive it again. Every day, I move towards the door holding the key of acceptance and with that one positive move I can live my life so much better.

Ending with a beautiful quote from one of my favorite movie ‘Before Sunrise’-

“Only if you find peace within yourself, will you find a true connection with others.”

Thank you

Hope you have a nice day

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